Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Woodland Wonder Themed Baby Shower

Living on the Olympic Peninsula is pretty spectacular all by itself. I'm a lucky girl to have a little piece of rain forest in my backyard. Which makes for some pretty amazing backdrops for fun adventures including quaint gatherings, full blown salmon bakes and my favorite, baby showers.

My lovely friend, Karli was expecting with her first girl. I wanted to give her a gift to show her how amazing I know her to be and how excited I was for her little family to grow. (Also, I won't deny that my having 5 boys had a little tinsy bit to do with it. Living vicariously yes?) So, my gift to her was a baby shower. She didn't get to see or really know much about it unit she arrived at the party.


(above is the front of the invitation to the shower) the graphic of this mushroom can be located at

This was one of my favorite parties to date. I wanted it to feel magical, ethereal, and enchanted.

Wild flowers, tissue flowers, moss, branches.....

and a ton of butterflies.

I wanted to have things that would be dainty and fairy like to nibble on.
A basket of acorn cookies of course!

Vanilla bean French macarons set atop a mossy bed.

Tiny bite sized raspberry cupcakes adorned with perfect berries sitting on top of their very own wooden pedestal. 

Meringue mushrooms nestled next to white chocolate bark, topped with pistachios, dried cranberries and apricots.

The backyard was lit with candles on log stumps all throughout.

I made sure the guests had a fun area to take photos complete with girly props. 

Look at these beautiful women! Karli! I don't know if pregnant people are supposed to do that!

 A big thank you to all that came and celebrated this occasion with this lovely lady. Let's pretend this party wasn't over a year ago. I hope this inspires some of you to entertain and celebrate with those that you love! 


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